Jim Orsinger inc - No customer service or "Pre-approved" here!

Machesney Park, Illinois 0 comments

Went to dealer spoke with owner who stated he could get us a car that we wanted regardless of our credit stating that he has worked with people with the credit scores in the 500s and got them approved for a loan.The wife and I applied for a car we wanted there.

Owner states he would call turn in the application and we would hear from them tomorrow. The next day we never received a call from them and had to call them three to four times throughout the day and they would not give us a straight answer on the status of our loan application. We decided to drive there and upon entering the owner Jim Orsinger barely acknowledged us pretended as if we weren't good enough for his vehicles. When asked the status of the car loan application he stated that he can't get us a car and that he didn't have any that we " could afford." Mind you the wife and I make over 6k per month.

We left there and will never go back there. They act as if you are #1 to them but when it gets down to the almighty $ they will turn they're back on you.

If you want a car stay away from these liars!!May Karma catch them one day.

Review about: Unprofessional Service.

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